VR Blockchain Gamers Conference

A conference, for blockchain gamers in virtual reality.

Maybe you heard or maybe it hasn’t cross your radar. This past Aug, 2 content creators met in VR on an app called Altspace. One does weekly VR events the other films events and conferences in Miami. Together they created a conference for gamers, VR gamers and Blockchain gamers. Companies like Enjin, Silica Nexus, and Xaya along with developers from games like Dissolution, Blockchain Cuties and Somnium Space. For 12 hours on a Saturday the community grew as some people heard of these games for the first time as well as people who play regularly made new friends to play with.

Pre-game on January 17 from 8 pm- 12 am EST. The conference begins Saturday January 18 at 8 am- 8 pm EST. Subscribe for details as we will be announcing new games as their booths are created. Coming soon we will have schedules for when your new favorite game will have a speaker at their booths.

The conference will be held in Altspace, as well as we are taking requests for multiple platforms we can host from. What games would you like for us to host the conference on and what games would you like to see in the conference?


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